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Bob Dylan

I’m not a Bob Dylan fan. I don’t like his voice. I can’t really comment about his songwriting abilities but I do know that he is NOT a good singer. That said, I would choose him 100 out of 100 times over this talentless hack who lives next door to me.

The talentless hack who was practicing Oasis the other day? Yes, he’s the same one.

Today he started promptly at 5:59. Oh, by the way I forgot to mention A.M. Yep, he was going at it then. Granted, he wasn’t at full throttle that early. Maybe he forgot his Earl Grey with lemon and he was just warming up his vocal chords. He didn’t wake me up as the summer sunrises here are a natural alarm clock. Mother Nature’s alarm clock gets earlier and earlier as it rolls closer to the summer solstice. Without fail, the early sunrises wake me up and also without fail each time I’m convinced that I’m late to work. So, needless to say, Mr. Guitar Man actually did not wake me up today. Nevertheless, I was quietly serenaded with his soft and effervescent strumming of the strings in the early hours today.

Between the Oasis incident and today, he also spent some time during the week working on his Springsteen and Dancing in the Dark. As a retaliatory move, I promptly began playing the REAL and GOOD version of the song via my iPod dock. I don’t know HOW that dipshit didn’t get it.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when he started back up a few hours ago. Tonight he transitioned from the unibrowed Gallagher brothers to John Lennon and The Beatles. I can confirm he sang the fucking chorus to Let It Be about 27 times.

A retaliatory move wasn’t in the cards tonight but rather a swift plugging in of my headphones to the computer.

What to do?

The guy on the other side of the wall loves his guitar. A lot. The walls are thin. He sings. I’m annoyed. You get my point.

I’ve been passive aggressive with my rising annoyance by playing music loudly here when he’s singing. Rammstein 1.0 is in its BETA version.

Yesterday, I was serenaded by The Scientist from Coldplay. I admit Coldplay isn’t that interesting but they’re a hell of a lot more interesting than this guy.

Today, he’s selected Oasis. Fucking Oasis. Those Gallagher boys and their unibrows. Damn. Again, they’re more interesting than this guy.

Last week I pretended that I didn’t speak English while riding the elevator with him. I just pointed and used my fingers to communicate my destination.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that he sucks. Bad.